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Daryl Houston

Daryl Houston

Daryl Houston is the Tennessee Leasing Agent for Base Camp Leasing. Daryl was born and raised in Tennessee and comes from a family of hunters and fishermen dating back to his grandfather. Introduced to small game hunting at an early age with his father, he progressed to whitetails at age 14 when a neighbor offered to take him deer hunting. The initial experience led to a lifetime passion of chasing the elusive animal, but has also led him to pursue ducks, turkey, and just about every other animal or bird that walks and flies. Daryl has taken nearly 200 whitetails in his lifetime with several mature bucks to his credit. He has experience hunting both public WMA and privately owned ground, both in Tennessee and Kentucky including Ft. Campbell and Ft. Knox. His ability to identify prime whitetail ground has been proven.

Mid-Day Magic

It was a familiar rock sat on, I had been here before. I know the farm like the back of my hand. The spot is near a travel corridor through one corner of the property and several deer have fallen

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