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Scent Control for Hunting – Part 4

This is part four and the final part of our scent control series. Breath Control Bad breath can ruin your hunt just as fast as anything else.  All of the other things that you do to control your odor while

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Scent Control for Hunting – Part 3

This is the third installation of the four part series about scent control. Sprays Scent eliminating sprays have been very controversial.  Some people believe they have no real purpose and are nothing but baking soda and water.  Whether this is

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Scent Control for Hunting – Part 2

This is the second part of a four part series on scent control.  The first part covered the importance of scent control and scent control clothing.  This time we will cover the use of laundry soap and footwear. Laundry Soap

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Scent Control for Hunting – Part 1

Scent, sound, and sight are the whitetail’s biggest defenses listed in the order of most importance.  A mature buck can keep track of danger by covering a very large area with just his nose alone.  Most hunters think that a

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